Model Development

TGS understands the importance of using accurate models in your studies as the accuracy of the study results depends on the models. TGS has decades of experience developing and validating custom user-written models for transient stability and EMT platforms such as PSCAD, EMTP and RTDS.

Detailed EMT model development

VSC (MMC and PWM) and LCC HVDC models developed in-house for two-terminal and multi-terminal applications

“An accurate and reliable EMT model is required to verify the results received from the manufacturers during bidding and design stages”

  • Generic models with detailed controllers and frequency dependent DC transmission system models
  • Tuning of generic models to match the performance of manufacturer provided  black-box models

State-of-the-art transient stability models

Developed in-house for VSC (MMC and PWM) and LCC HVDC applications

“System studies should be performed using a realistic and reliable HVDC stability model to obtain realistic and reliable results”

  • Two-time step concept
  • Two-terminal and multi-terminal applications
  • Detailed controllers and DC transmission system
  • Application of DC faults
  • Validated against detailed EMT models