Case Study

Solar and BESS Projects in Australia and North America

Client locations:

Australia, USA, Canada
Services: Renewables
Client/Project Profile:

To support reduction of CO2 emissions, renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar and battery storage, are replacing significant amounts of conventional generation in systems around the world. Developers in countries including Australia, USA and Canada (among others) are proposing their renewables projects for interconnection to the grid.
TGS has been providing services for some of our Developer clients for nearly 10 years, along with many new clients who have recently joined our valued list of customers.


Before connecting to the grid, these wind, solar and BESS projects require models and interconnection studies to ensure that safe, reliable operation of the grid is maintained, as conventional generation is replaced with inverter-based generation sources.

There are well-known technical challenges associated with increased penetration of inverter-based generation sources, some of these include:

  • Reduction of inertia in the system
  • Weak grid connections
  • Risk of interactions/oscillations with all of the new inverter-based dynamic devices connected to the system
  • Obtaining accurate models for studying these issues
  • Voltage support and reactive power management

Another challenge is simply the large number of interconnections around the world that require study by engineers who understand these challenges, and who can properly tune/develop models that reflect the actual behaviour of the inverter-based generation sources that are connecting to the grid.

These issues require detailed knowledge of how inverter-based generation sources operate, and require accurate modeling to determine real system issues and mitigation requirements.


TGS engineers are power electronics experts and have the deep knowledge of inverter technologies applicable to renewables. TGS is supporting Developers, Manufacturers and Transmission Operators in Australia, the United States, Canada and Europe. We support our valued clients through:

  • Preparation of model submissions for studies
  • Model development and benchmarking/validation
  • Custom model development (PSS/E, GE-PSLF, DIgSILENT, PSCAD, EMTP-RV)
  • Interconnection / System Impact (GPS) Studies
  • NERC MOD-26/27 Model Validation
  • Large scale EMT studies using parallel processing techniques


Our own R&D work including state-of-the-art transient stability models for weak grid studies, small signal stability assessment using TGSSR, harmonic assessment/filter design tools and innovative research done on inertia support of power electronic devices has given us an edge in the ability to successfully navigate these challenges.

Developer projects often have tight deadlines and strict modeling requirements, which must be met to comply with the ISO/Transmission Owner timelines, in order to keep the project moving ahead in the interconnection queue. We understand these requirements, and our flexibility and nimbleness allow TGS engineers to accommodate these tight deadlines and changing schedules. Our unparalleled expertise allows us to deliver and meet the technical requirements with accuracy.