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Implementation of Complex Power System into RTDS Simulator

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Services: Power Systems Analysis
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RTDS Technologies changed the power industry forever by introducing the world’s first fully digital real-time power system simulator. RTDS Technologies is located next door to TGS, and we know them very well. TGS was one of the first consulting firms to have their own RTDS Simulator lab. Being neighbors, we also have access to the world’s best RTDS experts, giving us a unique advantage when providing RTDS services to our clients.


Nearly every power system in the world today contains a large number of power electronic based devices, making today’s power systems more complex. The dynamics of power electronic based devices are heavily dependent on their controls. Therefore, accurate modelling of these devices and studying the behaviour of the integrated system have become important. There is an increased tendency for network owners to use RTDS Simulators and control replicas to study their systems. 

A customer recently acquired a large number of RTDS Simulator racks for the purpose of modelling their entire power system and its large and complex suite of HVDC and FACTS devices.


Currently, TGS is developing an integrated AC network model of a large power system which is planned to be connected to multiple HVDC control replicas. There are benefits to the network owners of having a detailed AC system model, however, there are challenges faced in developing such a model.

The challenges faced when implementing this type and scale of project on the RTDS Simulator include:

  • Reducing a 6000-bus system down to a 600-bus system equivalent, while maintaining the dynamic behaviour of the system
  • Ensuring the RTDS model can fit on the RTDS Simulatorracks that are available
  • Modeling the detailed control systems of the FACTS and HVDC devices that are included in the RTDS Simulator model
  • Carefully testing and validating this size of an RTDS Simulator model


Ultimately, the benefit to the network owner will be a state-of-the-art RTDS Simulator facility representing an accurate and tested reduced model of their entire system, which includes detailed RTDS Simulator models of numerous FACTS devices and HVDC links, as well as hardware control replicas of multiple HVDC links. This RTDS Simulator system will provide a training platform for system operators while avoiding risk to the real system, and a platform for performing detailed studies that require the accurate representation of the many controllers of various dynamic devices in the system. It will also provide the ability to perform closed-loop testing of any control hardware, such as the HVDC control replicas.

The RTDS experts at TGS are gaining invaluable experience from this large and complex project, in the areas of AC system equivalencing and RTDS Simulator modeling. Successful completion and implementation of this project will set us apart as the trusted consultant for your RTDS Simulator modeling projects!