Project: Nelson River HVDC Bipole 3


Client: Manitoba Hydro

Country: Canada

Year: 2013 — on-going


Manitoba Hydro currently has two LCC HVDC bipoles that bring hydroelectric power from the far north of Manitoba to the southern load center and for export to the USA. Manitoba Hydro is currently building a third +/-500 kV 2000 MW LCC HVDC bipole. In the planning stages of the project, feasibility studies were performed by TGS to compare the use of LCC technology to the use of VSC technology for this new HVDC bipole. TGS also wrote the technical specification for the VSC option, and is currently providing on-going support for the LCC design review and will provide support for witnessing of factory tests once the project gets to that stage.

TGS Study services:

  • Transient Stability Studies — performed using PSS/E
  • EMT Studies — performed using PSCAD
  • Interaction Study — performed using TGSSR (in-house small signal stability program)

TGS Equipment & Project Execution Services:

  • Development of the Technical Specification
  • Bid Evaluation
  • Review of HVDC manufacturer design reports
  • Witnessing of factory tests (planned for the future)


At the time of performing the studies, finding an accurate transient stability model of a VSC was a challenging task. Since then, we have developed our own in-house MMC VSC model for transient stability software PSS/E. The model response of our in-house MMC VSC is extremely accurate and is able to properly simulate overhead DC line faults, which is a very important aspect to consider when studying a VSC link using overhead line.