Project: Interconnection of 400 MW of Northern AC Generation

Service: HVAC

Client: Manitoba Hydro

Country: Canada

Year: 2008


Manitoba’s northern AC transmission system runs a long distance from the northernmost transmission stations to the southern load centers. This study investigated the transmission solutions required to be able to connect an additional 400 MW of generation in northern Manitoba while having minimal impact on the neighboring province of Saskatchewan in terms of loop flows, and having minimal impacts to losses in the Manitoba system. This study identified transmission solutions that involved series compensation of AC lines, special protection schemes to cross-trip generation in order to preserve transient stability, new north-south 230 kV HVAC transmission, and dynamic reactive power support (SVC). Cost estimates of the transmission solutions identified were also calculated.

TGS Study services:

  • Power System Interconnection Studies — performed using PSS/E

To determine the transmission solutions to connect 400 MW of generation in northern Manitoba

    • Power flow
    • Transient stability
  • Cost estimation of the identified transmission solutions


Determining a transmission solution along the long, skinny north-south transmission corridor upon which the new 400 MW of generation would flow was a technically challenging task. The solution required a combination of new AC transmission, series compensation, an SVC and a special protection scheme to cross-trip generation under the most stressed stability scenarios.