Project: 1000 MW VSC Monopole in Europe

Service: VSC HVDC

Client: (Confidential)

Country: Europe

Year: 2013 — 2014


TGS performed technology and grid studies using PSCAD and PSSE for a 1000 MW monopole point-to-point VSC link, which uses underground 320 kV XLPE cables for DC transmission. The project involved the evaluation of both technical and grid requirements.

TGS Study services:

Technology Studies — performed using PSCAD
  • Custom PSCAD MMC VSC Model Development
  • Steady State Performance Study
  • Dynamic Response Study
  • DC Resonance Study
  • Electromagnetic Coupling Study
Grid Studies — performed using PSSE
  • Steady State Contingency Analysis
  • Transient Stability Studies
Additional Studies
  • Interaction Study — performed using TGS developed small signal stability package TGSSR
  • Harmonic Impedance Profile— performed using TGS in-house frequency scanning tool TGSFS


There were some unique grid code requirements that the VSC had to comply with. Special control features were needed in order to meet the grid code requirements. The project involved the full range of studies including technology studies to identify limitations and challenges, transient stability, SSR mitigation and harmonic and control interaction studies.