Message from the President

As we move into a new decade the power industry is evolving, and with it, so too is TransGrid Solutions.

TGS is proud to share with you our exciting new brand and website. The new direction is a reflection of our ability to evolve along with our industry. We are not stuck in tradition, willing to rest on our laurels, or satisfied with what we have achieved so far. We welcome the challenges that come with the implementation and integration of new forms and methods of power generation and look forward to delivering peace of mind to our clients in the world of renewables, power storage, and beyond. 

Our hand-picked team of power systems experts is excited to continue to be a trusted and respected fixture in our industry and would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the clients who have been a part of TGS’ story so far. Over the last 20 years, invaluable experience gained in renewables, power storage, HVDC and FACTS, and as Owner’s Engineers has put TGS in a position to ensure success in even the most challenging project environments. The trust our clients put in our experience, expertise, and abilities are greatly appreciated and plays a large role in the continued success of TGS. 

It’s our pleasure to invite you to explore our new website, take-in and familiarize yourself with our new look, and join us as we continue to help shape the future of power systems and transmission around the world.