Our Industry Knowledge

At TGS, our knowledge of, and our connection to, the power system industry is deep and wide-spread, local and global.

We actively participate in UVIG, IEEE, EPRI, and CIGRE conferences and working groups. Our president Dr. Mohamed Rashwan is the current head of CIGRE B4 — HVDC and FACTS. This participation allows us to remain well-connected and well-recognized by our peers in the industry; from manufacturers, utilities, ISOs, and academics to other consultants.

In addition to participation in the international working groups, we have industry connections to many of the key manufacturers, particularly in the HVDC and FACTS industry. We meet from time to time to discuss the latest technologies, and our projects often lead us to review reports, witness factory tests or do commissioning of various manufacturers’ HVDC and FACTS equipment, providing us with valuable insight and knowledge into their products and processes.

We have far-reaching industry connections to many key players in some of the major power system utilities across the world, due to our involvement in the international conferences and working groups, and with individual relationships that were built prior to the formation of TGS. Of course, the connections made with TGS clients have also led to word-of-mouth references, allowing us to further build on our industry network of contacts.