Power System Studies

Using our in-house built small signal stability software package, TGSSR, our SSR experts can study a wide range of SSR phenomena in an accurate, efficient and timely manner. Using TGSSR, we can:

Analyse and Mitigate a whole host of Sub-Synchronous Resonance Issues in Power Systems

  • Detailed analysis of SSR issues using Eigen value analysis:
    • Generator-turbine — series capacitor sub-synchronous resonances (SSR)
    • Generator-turbine — HVDC torsional interactions (SSTI)
    • Wind turbine generator — series capacitor sub-synchronous controller instabilities (SSCI)
    • HVDC control interactions and DC resonance issues
    • All other sub-synchronous  frequency interactions (FACTS devices, network resonances, etc.)
  • Further investigations using EMT simulations
  • Controller tuning and sub-synchronous damping controller design
  • Design of SSR blocking filters
  • Optimization of the locations of damping controllers

Perform Electromechanical Oscillation Studies and Stabilizer Tuning to analyse and mitigate issues such as inter-area oscillations

  • Identify critical electromechanical oscillations using Eigen value analysis.
  • Design of Power system stabilizers (PSS) attached to generators, HVDC or FACTS devices
  • Optimization of the locations of damping controllers