Power system Studies

At TGS, we perform all studies related to the interconnection of a new wind farm or PV plant to the grid.

Interconnection / System Impact / Facilities Studies

“To identify the feasibility of a new wind power plant or PV plant, and the AC system upgrades needed to interconnect the plant to the grid”

  • Power flow analysis to identify and mitigate thermal loading and steady state voltage issues
  • Voltage stability analysis to identify and mitigate voltage stability issues and to optimize the reactive power requirements of the system
  • Short circuit analysis to identify minimum and maximum short circuit levels at the connection point to the grid, in order to calculate the Short Circuit Ratio (SCR) of the project
  • Transient stability analysis to determine dynamic performance and any mitigation requirements of the system following the interconnection of the wind or PV power plant to the grid
  • Small signal stability analysis and power system stabilizer (PSS) design to identify critical electromechanical oscillations and to design PSS using TGSSR
  • Reliability and economic evaluation to assess the impact of proposed projects or different options on the system reliability and to identify most economic solutions
  • SSR analysis to determine and mitigate the possibility of renewable generator interaction with any nearby devices, including series capacitors

Detailed EMT simulations

“To investigate the transient details related to a wind power plant or PV plant”

  • Transient overvoltages
  • Switching surges, capacitor switching
  • Insulation coordination
  • Breaker TRV
  • Interconnection to a very weak AC system, where transient stability models are not accurate enough
  • Controller tuning