SSR Studies

Concerns related to SSR and device interactions are on the rise. With the addition of wind farms near series capacitors, the installation of HVDC links near thermal generation, and the addition of many different FACTS devices to the grid to name a few, the need to perform accurate and detailed interaction studies is more than ever before. TGS has exclusive experts in this field, who have developed a state-of-the-art small signal stability analysis tool to accurately and efficiently study all of your sub-synchronous resonance concerns.

Screening Studies

“To identify potential SSR issues in power systems using a simple screening technique”

  • Static and dynamic frequency scans for conventional/renewable generator series capacitor SSR and SSCI
  • Damping torque analysis for generator-turbine series capacitor SSTI
  • UIF or Radiality factor calculations for Generator-turbine HVDC SSTI

Detailed Studies using Small Signal Stability Analysis (TGSSR)

“To understand the SSR phenomena and to identify the devices contributing to them”

  • Identify the sub-synchronous oscillations in meshed power systems using Eigen Analysis
  • Determine the devices contributing to critical oscillations using participation factors and mode shapes
  • Contingency and sensitivity studies to determine the impact of power flow scenarios, system contingencies and controller parameters

Detailed Studies using EMT simulations

“To determine the transient performance of the systems with SSR concerns”

  • Time domain evaluation of the SSR phenomena
  • Assessing the transient behaviour such as transient torque amplification and testing of protection functions and fault ride-through during disturbances
  • Handling black-box type models

Mitigation Studies

“To propose reliable mitigation options for the identified SSR issues in power systems”

  • Identify operational restrictions to avoid possible SSR issues
  • Identify possible control system adjustment such as wind generator controller gain reduction using TGSSR
  • Systematic design of sub-synchronous damping controllers attached to generators, HVDC or FACTS devices using TGSSR
  • Design of SSR blocking or bypass filters
  • Use of FACTS devices for SSR mitigation