AC Transmission and Generation

Due to recent changes in generation patterns with the increase of renewable energy resources and the retirement of some of the conventional generators, the AC transmission grid is becoming increasingly congested. TGS performs studies related to the addition of new AC transmission lines and the addition of new conventional generation. Oftentimes, however, it is difficult to obtain permits for new overhead lines, therefore the use of FACTS devices, such as SVC, STATCOM or TCSC, provides alternative methods to increase and “stretch” the ability of the HVAC grid to handle more power transfer.

TGS has the experience and knowledge to address any HVAC study requirements, including steady state, short circuit, transient stability, SSR and EMT. We also develop custom models for transient stability and EMT programs, such as SVCs or STATCOMs.

Interconnection / System impact studies

“To identify the feasibility of a new generator interconnection or a new transmission line, along with the AC system upgrade requirements”

  • Power flow analysis to identify and mitigate thermal loading and steady state voltage issues
  • Short circuit analysis to identify minimum and maximum short circuit levels
  • Transient stability analysis to determine dynamic performance of the grid following the generator and/or transmission interconnection
  • Reliability and economic evaluation to assess the impact of proposed projects or different options on the system reliability and to identify most economic solutions
  • SSR and interaction studies
  • Determine need for series compensation, FACTS and other devices to improve/mitigate system stability issues

Detailed EMT simulations

“To investigate the transient details related to a specific area of the AC system”

  • Transient overvoltages
  • Switching surges, capacitor switching
  • Insulation coordination
  • Breaker TRV
  • Addition of FACTS devices