Owner’s Engineer

TGS offers Owner’s Engineer services with a focus on LCC and VSC HVDC and FACTS devices. We have some of the best and most experienced people in the industry, who collectively and individually have been involved in the majority of the in-service LCC HVDC links in the world. We have recently been involved in several advanced LCC HVDC projects involving multi-terminal as well as LCC UHVDC projects at 800kV.

On the VSC front, TGS was one of the first engineering firms to work as the Owner’s Engineer for the first VSC, MMC HVDC system (Transbay Cable); starting from the economic justification, concept verification, design review, manufacturing capability review, type test witnessing and through to commissioning. Since then, our experience with VSC technology has continued to expand and we have prepared specifications and participated in the engineering review of VSC projects involving cables and overhead lines.

Our knowledge and experience on the emerging topic of DC grids are increasing exponentially, having been selected to write the latest EPRI report on DC grids, and having performed several related studies in Europe recently.