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We are experts at providing all of the necessary services from the initial project planning and feasibility stages straight through to technical specification development, factory testing and commissioning, operation & maintenance, and refurbishment. We also provide training for your staff along the way.

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There is a fundamental change occurring in the generation patterns around the world, and particularly in Europe. Renewable energy sources are replacing many of the conventionally sourced generators, creating long-term changes in the flow of power on the existing transmission system. The transmission system is becoming increasingly congested.

HVDC is gaining popularity in addressing the problem of transmission congestion, with its capability to transmit large amounts of power over long distances. Both LCC and especially VSC HVDC projects around the world are on the increase, and the topic of DC grids to create a transmission “super highway” is being researched and developed.

FACTS devices, such as SVC, STATCOM, and TCSC, are also gaining increasing popularity as they help to “stretch” the capability of the HVAC system by delaying or eliminating the need to build new transmission lines.