Project: Transpower Condition Assessment

Service: Condition Assessment

Client: TransPower

Country: New Zealand

Year: 2007


Transpower New Zealand had one of the first HVDC system to go into service still in operation, Pole 1 of the inter-island link which utilized mercury arc valves and is a point-to-point LCC HVDC link between their North and South Islands. TGS performed a condition assessment of the equipment and assisted in developing a plan to replace any equipment that could not meet Transpower’s requirements going forward

TGS Condition Assessment services:

  • Determine the remaining life expectancy and provide the study methodology to analyze the all major and related equipment of the Transpower Inter-Island HVDC link
  • Define contingency plans in order to mitigate any risks associated with the replacement of the HVDC system
  • Develop risk assessment and mitigation strategies to enable continued operation of the HVDC link until replacement
  • Developed decommissioning procedures