Project: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia-Egypt HVDC Link

Service: LCC HVDC

Client: SEC, EETC

Country: Saudi Arabia, Egypt

Year: 2014 - on-going


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia-Egypt link is a multi-terminal HVDC project at a DC voltage of +/- 500 kV and a rating of 3000 MW. It involves 1500 km of DC line and 16 km of DC cable. Each terminal can be operated as a rectifier or inverter.

TGS study services:

  • Harmonic Impedance Scans - at each of the HVDC terminals

TGS Owner’s Engineer services:

  • Technical specifications
  • Bid evaluation
  • Contract negotiations
  • Award


  • Harmonizing two different technical specifications
  • First 3000 A HVDC cable requirements per pole for deep sea application