Project: Chilean SIC-SING Interconnection

Service: HVAC, HVDC

Client: CNE

Country: Chile

Year: October 2013-February 2014


The power system in the country of Chile currently consists of two isolated power systems that operate separately from each other — one in the north called the SING and one in the south called the SIC. TGS performed a study to investigate the feasibility of interconnecting these two power systems. There were two main technical options that were investigated and compared for the SIC-SING interconnection: 1) HVAC transmission with series compensation and TCSC and 2) HVDC transmission.

TGS Study services:

  • Custom PSSE Transient Stability HVDC Model Development
  • Power System Interconnection Studies — performed using PSS/E
    • Power flow
    • Short circuit
    • Transient stability
  • Sub-Synchronous Torsional Interaction (SSTI) Studies and PSS tuning - performed using TGSSR


There were two major challenges with this project:

  • Receiving all of the data required to perform the project in the format that it needed to be in. The system models had recently been converted to PSSE, and needed to work out some “bugs” before the actual study work could continue.
  • This project also had extremely tight deadlines to meet.
Both of these challenges were overcome. TGS received the highest rating possible from CNE in their evaluation of our work after the project was completed.