Project: Champa-Kurukshetra UHVDC 1 & 2

Service: LCC UHVDC

Client: PowerGrid

Country: India

Year: 2013-2014


The Champa-Kurukshetra is a two-phase multi-terminal LCC UHVDC system for Power Grid of India. It consists of two bipoles, each rated at +/-800 kV 3000 MW, which are planned to be built between central and northern India. TGS is currently providing on-going support for the design review, and will provide support for the witnessing of factory tests once the project gets to that stage.

TGS Project Execution services:

  • Review of HVDC manufacturer design reports
  • Witnessing equipment type testing (planned for future)
    • Converter valves
  • Review of Bid documents


CK1 and CK2, when both complete, will run in parallel. As each project was bid separately with an open tender, the specification, bids and design all have to ensure that this was possible.