Project: 300 MW Wind Generation Exploratory Study

Service: Renewables

Client: Manitoba Hydro

Country: Canada

Year: 2007


This study was performed in order to rank a set of twenty-three potential wind farm connection points and determine the top ten connection locations for an additional 300 MW of wind generation in Manitoba. The objectives of the project were to divide the province into zones and determine the required AC system upgrades and cost estimates for up to 300 MW per zone, to perform loss evaluation with wind generation in-service, to look for potential MH-US loop flow caused by the new wind generation, to check the feasibility of connecting a wind farm at existing stations and to calculate the direct connect facilities cost estimates, and to perform transient stability analysis at each connection point to compare the dynamic performance of the induction generator to the doubly-fed induction generator and determine if or when dynamic reactive power support would become necessary, and the necessary rating and cost estimate of the dynamic VAR support.

TGS Study services:

For 23 interconnection locations within Manitoba, we performed:
  • Steady State Contingency Analysis (PSSE)
  • Loss Evaluation (PSSE)
  • Impacts to MH-US tie line power flows (PSSE)
  • Transient Stability analysis (PSSE)
  • Cost estimation
Based on the study results, we determined the top ten list of locations to connect 300 MW of wind generation in Manitoba.


The challenge for this project was to study such a large number of interconnection locations (23), and based on all of the analysis that was performed, come up with a method to identify the top ten locations. In addition, the top three locations were also identified.