Project: 1200 MW Wind Generation Exploratory Study

Service: Renewables

Client: Manitoba Hydro

Country: Canada

Year: 2010


Under a Restrictive Hydro development scenario, the ability of Manitoba Hydro to build new hydro resources to meet either domestic or export requirements would be impaired, resulting in in-service delays for new hydro generation.  Manitoba Hydro would have to develop the most economic non-hydro resources until such time it was possible to develop lower cost hydro resources.  In a carbon constrained world, a development sequence with some combination of wind generation to provide carbon free energy and natural gas fired thermal generation to provide dispatchable capacity is a logical choice. There is the potential to connect up to a total of 1200 MW of wind generation in Manitoba to assist in meeting load serving obligations through the year 2030. TGS performed an Exploratory study for Manitoba Hydro to identify possible transmission solutions for connecting up to 1200 MW of wind generation to the grid. The transmission solutions were also determined at wind generation interconnection levels of 900 MW and 600 MW.

TGS Study services:

  • Steady State Contingency Analysis Contingency analysis was performed to determine the transmission upgrades that would be necessary to connect several variations of interconnecting up to 1200 MW of wind generation. This analysis looked at thermal loading and steady state voltages.
  • Transient Stability The possible transmission solutions identified in the steady state analysis were compared in terms of their transient stability performance.
  • Cost estimation Cost estimates for each possible transmission solutions were calculated.


The challenges of this project were to identify the possibilities for adding new transmission to the Manitoba grid and to determine most accurately where the 1200 MW of wind generation would likely be located.