We acknowledge the importance of maintaining high standards for health, safety, environment and quality in a successful business model. As such, we have policies in place to support each of these areas and our track record in these areas speaks for itself. We have and will continue to work with all of our clients to maintain such a high standard and excellent record.

Health & Safety

TGS recognizes the need to provide all employees and visitors to TGS’ office with a safe working environment. Our office space was custom-designed for us, keeping in mind the safety, health and comfort of our employees and our visitors.


TGS recognizes the importance of respecting the environment, and of operating our business in a way that will pro-actively do good for the environment. We also recognize the importance of environmental issues on a larger scale in our line of engineering work, and we base our engineering decision-making on sound environmental principles.


TGS recognizes the importance of sustaining high quality standards in every piece of work that we perform.

To request a copy of these policies, please contact us, and we would be happy to provide them to you.