International Council of Large Electric Systems

TGS is heavily involved in CIGRE. Currently, TGS president Mohamed Rashwan is chair of the B4 committee on HVDC and FACTS.

TGS personnel are currently participating in the following CIGRE working groups:

  • CIGRE WG B4-52: HVDC Grid Feasibility Study
  • CIGRE WG B4-55: HVDC Connection of Offshore Wind Power Plants
  • CIGRE WG B4-57: Guide for the Development of Models for HVDC Converters in a HVDC Grid
  • CIGRE WG B4-58: Load flow control and direct voltage control in a meshed HVDC Grid
  • CIGRE JWG B4.59: Protection of HVDC Grids
  • CIGRE WG B4-62: Connection of wind farms to weak AC networks
  • CIGRE WG B4-64: Impact of AC System Characteristics on the Performance of HVDC Schemes
  • CIGRE WG B4-67: Harmonic aspects of VSC HVdc, and appropriate harmonic limits
  • CIGRE WG B4-69: Minimizing loss of transmitted power by VSC during overhead line fault
  • CIGRE WG B4-70: Guide for Electromagnetic Transients Studies involving VSC converters
  • CIGRE WG B4-71: Application guide for the insulation coordination of VSC HVDC (Mojtaba Mohaddes from TGS is the convener for this working group)
  • CIGRE B4 Task Force: Assess the need for technical information for development of new standards covering VSC HVDC systems


The world’s largest association for the advancement of technology

TGS is also involved in the IEEE. TGS personnel are authors of a large number of IEEE transactions and conference papers and actively participate in major conferences such as IEEE PES general meetings.


Electric Power Research Institute

TGS keeps up-to-date by being involving in EPRI conferences, and by writing EPRI reports.

Some of our recent EPRI reports include:

  • Chapters 2, 4, 7 and 11 of the EPRI HVDC reference book
  • EPRI report on VSC technology
  • EPRI report on DC grids


Utility Variable-Generation Integration Group

TGS is actively involved in annual UVIG technical workshops and courses to keep up-to-date and involved on the topic of renewable energy sources. TGS is a member of a large community of experts in this field. We recently made several presentations at the user-group meetings on the topics of:

  • Wind and SSR: using TGSSR to study the phenomena
  • Converting HVAC lines to HVDC lines to increase the transmission capability of an existing corridor


Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of Manitoba

TGS engineers are registered with APEGM.